A Western Caribbean Cruise

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above: Cozumel, Mexico

When we go away for several months aboard s/v Providence, we’re considered to be off “cruising” somewhere. I love to go sailing. But, a more popular way to go cruising is with one of the cruise lines aboard a cruise ship that travels 4 times faster than our little sailboat. In a day, a cruise ship covers 450 – 500 miles, while Providence may make about 120 miles.

I have little experience with cruise lines, only once to the Bahamas for a day and once to Mexico for 5 days.  Recently, I added a week long cruise to that short list.  We were missing the Caribbean waters and it was our wedding anniversary.  This mounted a great argument for a Western Caribbean cruise.

Departing The Port of Miami

The cruise lines do a great job of organizing 5,000, or so, people which is really quite amazing. The food is good and certainly plentiful and there is lots to do to stay entertained. But, for Rob and me, the best part is visiting the port cities.

As always, Rob is the very best and patient travel mate and even carries camera equipment. I, well, just love to get into the streets and photograph what I see. I rather lose myself in that, my hearing turns off, and I become oblivious to all but where I’m focusing the lens. Rob always has my back, watching out for traffic and other dangers.

Mariachi band sings for tips in Mexico

     This street in Cozumel is under construction yet still bustling with activity.

A worker picks up the trash collected at the water side of the wall. Belize City, Belize

Young girls on a break outside their classroom. Belize City, Belize

A colorful street in Belize City

A young girl waits outside a Belize market

Belize City

Belize City

A lady photographs street musicians under a tarp, as a local woman shops at a jewellery store. Belize City, Belize

Cruisers enjoy the beach, the view from chair-lifts, and small watercraft tours at Roatan Island, Honduras

The beach in Mahogany Bay, Roatan Island, Honduras

Georgetown, Grand Cayman was our last port of call before heading back to Miami. Okay, so I was busy shopping and having a cool drink at the waterfront and failed to do more than barely lift the camera to make an image while in Grand Cayman.

Rob sits at our table overlooking the beautiful waters of Georgetown, Grand Cayman