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Once we set our anchor in the Ashley River, off the Charleston City Marina, and got some much needed rest, we launched the dinghy and went ashore.  There’s a dinghy dock at the marina that we can use for $5 a day.  We walk about a mile to downtown, then lots more once we’re there.  We spent an afternoon on King Street checking out the shops and having lunch at Boone’s.  The following day, I went to the market downtown in Marion Square and brought back some local and organic produce, and croissants.

The next three days we sat on the boat because of high winds and rain, but thankful that the anchor was holding well.  The current can be pretty strong and combined with strong winds concerned us.  We stayed put to be watchful; and made use of the time by reading and writing.  Also, another sailboat anchored closer to us than was comfortable  It moved differently than ours in the water so there was possibility of collision.  We waited and watched as the tide changed to see how both boats would swing.  No collisions for us, but not such good news for two others.  The wind had driven My Star forward of her anchor, she rode up and down on the waves for a minute, her bow bashing against the stern of Sovereign making a mess of the solar panel and other damage.  Both boats are still without occupants, one at anchor and one on a mooring.  I don’t know the owners, but when they return to their boats, they’ll have a mystery to solve.

What a difference a day makes.  Saturday was absolutely gorgeous, sunny and not too hot.  Anxious for some exercise, we walked to the downtown market.  I was looking forward to avoiding the supermarket again this week.  Rob came with me which was great because with two of us, we could bring more goodies back to the boat.  By now, we have learned the trolley routes.  How neat for Charleston to provide these trolley’s to get around town.

It doesn’t save much time but after walking most of the day, it’s sure nice to catch a lift back and have only a short walk to the dinghy dock.  I walked both ways last week, but now we’re so much wiser or, at least, better informed.  We walked to town and rode the trolley back.

The market seems a popular spot to hang out, bring the kiddos and the dogs, buy your produce, honey, spices, and so many more wares like pottery, jewelry, and many forms of art and crafts.  And eat.  There are lots of food vendors.  We saw one vendor advertising rotis and remembered Trinidad.  So we tried them.  They were not like the rotis in Trinidad, but good nonetheless.

A sweet lady with an awesome smile was working at one of the produce stands and chose a big bunch of kale and some other greens for my basket.  Tammy has raised 5 boys.  She said 4 of them are already men.   “I lost my husband to cancer 3 years ago,” she said “but I just keep on going, by the grace of God, because if you don’t then you die”.  She told us a story about a man making a comment to her.  It was an ignorant comment and she just turned to him and said “ it doesn’t matter that you hate me, because I have God …. I love you just the same.”  But this is my favorite Tammy quote: “I’m not all I should be. But, I’m not what I used to be and I’m not all I will be.”  Amen.

Earlier this week, we walked around downtown and found gelato.  Ok, I’ve been there more than once.  Jody and Nicole are both students at College of Charleston.  Love the hats.

The only waterfront restaurant, Fleet Landing, was recommended to us on two unsolicited occasions.  We just happened to stumble upon it right at lunch time.  Here, Justin is making the fresh snapper delivery.

Outside of a restaurant we were passing, a lady named Yolanda was cleaning the glass very meticulously.  I asked if I could make the image and she responded with an enthusiastic “Oh, yes ma’am.”   Now, being called ma’am is sweet and polite in the south, right?  I’m just STILL not ready to be called “ma’am”.

We took the trolley as close to the battery as we could.

We walked through Rainbow Row.

and to Waterfront Park, where I made an image of a family playing in the water of the fountain a few years ago. This time, I found a good looking couple visiting from Raleigh.  Chrissy is a studying physical therapy at North Carolina State University and Nick is an alumnus of the same.  I totally butted in on their picture taking of each other and made my own, but, they were very gracious.

We walked King Street, Broad Street, Market Street, Meeting Street, the wharfs, and more.

And then we went to Boone’s for a cold one.