Eight Days of Castles, Rocks and Guiness Part 2 – Streets of Ireland

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Ah, Ireland. Far more than this island’s lush green landscape and guinness attracts visitors. While Dublin is a bustling, youthful city with museums, parks, castles, galleries, shops, pubs, and entertainment, the smaller towns and villages are charming and full of personality.  But the Irish people are Ireland’s gem.

In the town of Tullamore, we walked down a street where I was cheerfully greeted by this man sitting with his friend outside The Wolftrap Bar and Restaurant. He raised his glass, beckoned me over and started conversation. I asked to photograph him and he raised his glass again. I believe he’d raised it a few times already that afternoon, as he was cheerfully enjoying the day watching the happenings of William Street.

In the charming, colorful town of Kilkenny it seemed everywhere I looked I saw something interesting. The town was all the more colorful decorated with yellow and black flags in honor of their team in the GAA 2014 All-Ireland Hurling Championship Finals, which they went on to win. All over Ireland there was excitement over the finals. I walked through the streets and enjoyed seeing the people out and about their business, camera to my eye in this quaint town.

I saw this interesting man smoking in the doorway of this alley.  He didn’t mind me making a quick photo, but never said a word while I did.  Then quickly disappeared back through the same doorway.

As we rode the trolley on a tour around Kilkenny, I caught these two friends talking on the corner and they caught ME as I put the camera lens through the open window.  We all smiled. I clicked the shutter again.  I love this reaction.

Outside a cafe in Waterford, ireland

These two little redheads were enjoying something sweet on the curb in Watertown during the Harvest Festival.

Cashel is known for the castle called The Rock of Cashel. The ruins are currently being stabilized but still open to the public. As I climbed the hill to the castle I spotted a dapper man, Cyril, and his mild mannered dog, Lucy.  While she lay quietly at her master’s feet, Lucy enjoys the attention of passersby making their way up the hill to the castle ruins.  They come to the ruins because Lucy loves people.  Both make wonderful photo subjects.

I was wondering how the pretty flower pots on the buildings stay watered and cared for. The young girl carefully climbs the ladder to water the flowers outside this shop with the help of brother holding ladder and Father holding shirt.

A walk up to Torc Waterfalls on an extraordinarily beautiful Irish fall day.

Kilted and barefooted in Inisheer, Aran Islands, this man greets visitors to the island and shows his craft.

And in Tullamore…

Dingle Peninsula is one of my favorite places in Ireland. I admit, everyplace is a favorite.

A Dad, often called “Da” in Ireland, and his little girl came into Paul Geaney Pub where I was having a fantastic bowl of seafood chowder. She leaned on the stool and asked if she could have ice cream.  But, they were there to pick up a birthday cake for a little boy and off again.

A lunch break in the window sill for this lady who has been to North Carolina and many other places in the US.  She answered a call on her cell phone before I could ask her name.

Eileen works at Paul Geaney’s Pub in Dingle.  Her personality is outgoing and straightforward.  I so enjoy these seemingly common Irish traits.

Catherine works in Murphy’s Ice Cream Parlor in Dingle. Catherine has a warm and personable personality also prevalent in the Irish people.

Even with all of the beauty of the land, the castles, rocks, and seaside, the rolling hills, the colorful towns, what I find the most precious asset of Ireland is it’s people.  They are unpretentious, welcoming and go out of their way to be helpful.  Their warmth, quick-wit, charm, their smiles, and even their manner of speech endeared them to me.  Cheers!