Eight days of Castles, Rocks and Guinness Part 1 – Dublin

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This Irish adventure began in Dublin one morning in September. After checking in early and stowing our gear where we had our reservation for the night, we headed out to explore.

The first stop was for Irish stew and a Guinness at a pub on the north side of the Liffey River. From that first stop I was smitten with the Irish people, and the pub food. Well… and the Guinness, too. I had heard that the taste is different in Ireland. Why? I don’t know, but, our tour guide at Guinness brewery’s answer was “The Irish have a saying that Guinness doesn’t travel well“. Nonetheless, it’s one of the most successful beer brands worldwide.

I had done a bit of research in the weeks before, so I had ideas of what might be most important to see and photograph in the 8 short days. We had only a couple of days to see Dublin; the first and the last of our Ireland stay. I find the streets interesting and a little insightful as I watch the people go about their day and interact with each other.  I like making images the way I find things, and of how I see them.

Whenever I made an image and was detected by my subject, they would often look up and give a smile or a wave.  Then, I’d respond with a smile and bow of thanks.  Don’t you love how well communication without words works?

As I was photographing the Liffey River and Ha’Penny Bridge from the O’Connell Bridge, we started talking to on an excited couple taking in the evening. Denise is from Romania and is a first year student in Dublin.  She wants to be a Garda in Ireland.  Her boyfriend was visiting from Italy.  I asked how long he’d be visiting and she responded with a big smile giving him a hug:  “Forever, I hope.”

Highly unusual and remarkably pleasant for the month of September, we had no rainy days.   Until, that is, our last in Ireland, which was back in Dublin where we would catch our flight home.  It was only fitting that we should get a wee a taste of the more typical Irish fall.  I really enjoyed that last evening.  It was Culture Night and there were lots of people out, good music, and the rain gave special mood to the cobblestone roads.

Day or night, Dublin is a busy city filled with warm, helpful people. As if that’s not enough: lots of shops with a plethora of goods, a variety of tours and sites, an efficient bus system, street entertainers, really good food, pubs to meet friends, and traditional Irish music, and so much more.