Hunting Island Beach, SC

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We walked one of the boardwalks to the beach where a few people were taking advantage of a pretty day.  The sand was well packed as the tide had long since gone out.

We headed north toward the lighthouse and came upon a wall constructed of steel pilings.  It was holding back the washing away of the sand to the south, at least for a time.

I looked out over this forlorn stretch of northward beach; trees uprooted and washing into the sea one by one.

Much effort is spent on engineering techniques, but these only delay further loss.  Seawalls and groynes “provide short-term solutions and long-term problems.” (  We try to save the beaches and beach development because it suits our immediate need.  Is this our appropriate role as good stewards of our evolving earth?







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  1. Christina Dean

    Hi Cheryl!
    It’s me Christina! Pam sent me your link. I have been enjoying looking through your gallery and reading some of your blogs. Your photos are stunning, Cheryl. I clearly see why those two darling little girls captured your heart at the church where you served dinner. Now that I have your site, I will follow you and Rob along the way. We miss you! Have a happy and very blessed Easter. God bless you and keep you.

    • Cheryl Caron

      Hi Christina, So good to hear from you. Thank you so much. I’m happy you like the photos and to have you following. I’m looking forward to visiting my Mom for Easter. She lives a few hours from St. Augustine, where we are now. A very Happy Easter to you!


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