Sunrise, Sunset

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Well, we finally reached the warmer weather when we arrived at Beaufort, SC.  We are so happy for some vitamin D.  Lady’s Island bridge opened, we passed through and pulled up to the docks at the downtown marina.  This seemed a good time to look at our plan again.  We left NC late in the season and weather kept us in the intracoastal waterway instead of along the coast permitting a quicker trip to the south.  Getting as far as we had hoped was looking like one big race.  Also, since our auto-pilot failed to keep a course, Beaufort seems a good opportunity to install a new one.  So, we are staying here until the end of the month and then looking for a few days of awesome weather for coastal passage to Florida.

One of the best reasons for staying here in Beaufort is to spend time with our good friends from NC who now live on nearby Callawassie Island.  Meanwhile, some cold days have crept in here and there, but the bradford pears and azaleas are blooming.

The fuel dock is undergoing repair these days, but no hindrance to life at the marina.

The beginning of another beautiful day for Providence to rest at the marina.

I love that the community gathers at the waterfront, especially the families that come to watch the sunset.

It seems Lady’s Island Bridge takes on a different hue each day.

What a peaceful spot to see the sunrise.