Three Musketeers

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I heard rollicking approach from the boardwalk and down the ramp onto the docks.  The chatter and laughter continued as young people clamored aboard the neighboring boat.  I was in the cockpit processing images on my laptop.  One called out to me, with confidence and a rather contagious exuberance, “Hello, nice to meet you”.  I looked up to see a young lady of about 11 years old.  So outgoing and polite. A moment later, a man approached.  Probably the dad, I thought.  He introduced himself and apologized… perhaps for the disturbed peace, as now tuning of violin, viola and cello came from the back deck of the fishing boat.  Wow, the sound was unexpected and my curiosity peaked.  I was being blessed by the sound of youthful wonderment.  Jim told me his daughter, Lillian, and her friends were on their … Continued